Responsible Mining

Goliath Gold Project
Environmental Assessment Process and Permitting

Environmental Assessment Process Overview

An Environmental Assessment (EA) is best described as a government-driven planning process that identifies potential environmental effects and determines the most effective manner in which to mitigate those effects. All reasonable alternatives must be considered to minimize adverse effects and the EA will include a follow-up program and company commitments in order to ensure the effects to the environment are minimized as the Project develops.

An Environmental Impact Statement is made available to the general public for comment. The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) will ask for further public comment.

Treasury has completed more than three years of environmental baseline studies that will support the EA process. The data that has been collected includes:
  • Fish and Wildlife
  • Ground and Surface Water Qualities
  • Vegetation
  • Geochemistry
  • Air Quality
The EIS will include:
  • A description of the proposed project and all of its components,
  • A description of the baseline studies that have been completed for the existing environmental conditions,
  • A description of any Traditional Land uses by First Nations, Metis peoples and surrounding communities,
  • An evaluation of all reasonable and practicable project alternatives,
  • The identification of possible environmental effects (positive or negative),
  • Measures to mitigate and manage identified environmental effects, and
  • Recommendations for follow-up monitoring along with Company commitments.

EIS - Chart

Public Documents Are Available from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency - Click Here

Final EIS Guidelines - Download

Overview of the EA Process on CEAA website Click Here

In addition to this, the Project will require various provincial permits before the mine construction can begin. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Environmental Compliance Approvals for Air and Water,
  • Permits to take water,
  • Health and Safety regulations,
  • Construction and building permits,
  • The Company currently has all necessary permits required for exploration.
Closure Plan

An additional undertaking that must be completed as part of the Provincial Permitting and Approvals is the filing of a "Closure Plan" with the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM). This document is a detailed plan of how Treasury intends to remediate the mine site once the operation has come to a close and all of the associated costs to do so.

A major component necessary to have the Closure Plan filed with MNDM is the provision of financial assurance in the form of a bond.