Board of Directors

Doug Bache
Position: Director

Mr. Bache is an independent consultant and corporate director and has over 25 years of experience, at senior levels, in mining finance and capital markets, corporate strategy and development and financial management. Throughout his career, Doug has been involved in natural resource projects from inception through exploration to development and operations. Mr. Bache currently serves on the board of directors of Marathon Gold Corp. He holds a Bachelor of Mathematics, Business Administration degree from the University of Waterloo.

Bill Fisher
Position: Lead Director

Mr. Fisher currently holds the position of Chairman for GoldQuest Mining Corp. He is a former CEO/Director of Karmin Exploration Inc., as well as a past director of PC Gold Inc. and past Chairman of Aurelian Resources Inc., which was acquired by Kinross in 2008. Mr. Fisher graduated as a geologist in 1979 and has extensive industry experience, including a number of residential posts in Africa, Australia, Europe and Canada.

Marc Henderson (CFA)
Position: Non-Executive Chairman, Director

Mr. Henderson is a chartered financial analyst with more than 20 years at the helm of public mineral exploration companies. He has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Laramide Resources Ltd. from 1995 to present, the largest corporate shareholder of Treasury Metals. Mr. Henderson is the former CEO and President of Aquiline Resources Inc., sold in 2009 to Pan American Silver Corp., and former President of MineFinders. Mr. Henderson holds an economics degree from the University of Colorado.

Chris Stewart (P.Eng.)
Position: Director

Mr. Stewart has more than 24 years of diversified senior executive mining operations experience. Mr. Stewart joined the Board of Directors on June 22, 2017, and was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Treasury Metals on December 5, 2016. Mr. Stewart has served as the Vice President of Operations of Kirkland Lake Gold, and responsible for all mining and milling activities of the company, prior to joining Treasury Metals. Mr. Stewart is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario and holds a Bachelor of Science, Mining Engineering, from Queen's University.

Christophe Vereecke
Position: Director

Mr. Vereecke is a businessman and entrepreneur based in Paris, with a background in finance, oil and gas, mine royalties and technology. As an entrepreneur he has been involved in the startup of several businesses including co-founder and former chief financial officer of Business Oil Platform, a physical oil trading and logistics company operating in Central and Eastern Europe. Mr. Vereecke's current investment advisory firm specializes in private client fund management focused in the extractive industry, mine royalties, precious metals and the diamond markets.

Flora Wood
Position: Director

Ms. Wood brings 15+ years of capital markets and investor relations experience with publicly traded companies including Essar Steel Algoma, Inmet Mining Corp. and Aquiline Resources Inc. Currently, she is Director, Investor Relations at Sherritt International.

Blaise Yerly
Position: Director

Mr. Yerly is a Director of the Company. Mr. Yerly was Chairman and Director of the board of directors of Aquiline Resources Inc. from 1998 until it was sold to Pan American Silver Corp. in December 2009. Mr. Yerly was a Director of Javelina Resources Ltd. until it was merged with Midpoint Holdings Ltd. in April 2013. Mr. Yerly is the executive Chairman of Wacyba Ltd, a private investment company, since March 2008.